Fighting for water and food

It’s very strange to be around those days.

We, as humanity, are looking into a near future with fights and wars about water and food and still everything continues as if nothing has happened. The roads are still full of cars, planes are abundant in the sky, and ships crossing the oceans. Oil and gas are being pumped up as never before. Forests are being cut down. Business as usual.

Et billede, der indeholder træ, våben, udendørs

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

What the f… is going on. Aliens from outer space looking at us must think that we are completely insane…

Companies and industry organisations are promoting fantasy technologies as carbon capture and Power to X knowing that they are false solutions with the only purpose of divert the political and public attention away from what really needs to be done: a complete stop of extraction and production of fossil fuels.

Politicians pretending, they are doing good for society while they are doing the direct opposite. They are not the leaders that we need.

The mass media seems to be muzzled. They are not telling the truth about the situation we are all in. Well, a few stories, but not with the true perspective and not seen through the lenses of reality.

Companies, politicians, media, and the economic elite are killing plants, animals, and humans. Are they going to get away with it?

It’s homicide that off course should be punished, and individuals put in prison.

I am getting so angry, frustrated, and sad. The elite is not at all interested in the necessary changes and giving up their privileges. Not even when it’s the existence of our civilisation that is at stake.

When will we, the population, have had enough?